Saturday, 28 February 2009

Ultimate Decision...

Ive just decided that trying to load all of my cards and creations is going to take me not hours or days....but months to ultimately iv made an executives decision (that sounds a bit posh for me...ha ha) to just give up....i dont mean crafting (duh) but to just post each project as and when I finish them from now on... with a full time job, bits of crafting and a little bit of sleep in between.....i was going to find it really difficult to catch up with posting every single project i have done.....

I hope you all understand ;-)

Yeeting xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Boys Cards 2006

More Piccys of some boys cards....was very brave and tried uploading 2 pics on 1 post....hope it works (getting better at this)...shame the cards aren't quite there yet!!!

An 'Ickle Bit Better

Well, these are my 3rd and 4th Cards i ever made back in you can see they were for mothers day....way back when, i used to follow magazine layouts to the "tee" the add an extra load of embellishments....making alot of the cards a bit OTT...well....the next ones only get better eh?!?!?!

more posting to come....

Monday, 23 February 2009


Well....this is shameful....but a great laugh non the less......these were my first ever cards i made back in 2006.... i made these for valentine's day and anniversary....Well, now that i know i can post piccys.... there's going to be no stopping me im going to keep posting a timeline of all my creations....up til the present day...

I'm liking this blogging malarky....not as scary as i first thought!!!!

Yeeting xxx

Yay...I've Finally Done It!!!

Well, Finally.....i think ive just about got my head round this place, so i'm actually going to post my first post!!!

This is just a quick hello to anyone that reads this....hope to keep get in touch with you all at some point xxx

Might get a little adventurous and try and post a piccy of one of my first cards in a mo' ....I'll see how brave i am.....ha ha

Speak soon...
Yeeting xxx