Sunday, 29 March 2009

This is my last post of the night (or should i say morning now!)
This is actually my first attempt at a 12x12 scrap-page that I have framed too!
A friend of mine at work wanted something special to give to his mum for her 50th Birthday....the specification was (bearing in mind this is a male!) was... "a photo frame that looks special" ...that was all i had to work with...
So with 3 different photos to hand.....i came up with a 12x12 scrap-page....i'm quite pleased for a first effort!!!

Love this card and loved making it too....think i will be using this layout and style again....and again...and again...ha ha ha!!!

Another card i've made this week is this one for a friend of a friend, i really like this layout of the handbags and have also used presents in the same way for a card layout....very chic' for all those handbag loving ladies!!! ha ha ha!!!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Hello all...

must apologise for not blogging lately...(more excuses!)....but it really has been hectic these last few weeks....particularly at work!!!

Also some good news that i have managed to sell my house and have bought a new house too...all in less than a week!!! madness!!!

Well, is a card that i made for a friends boss who is mad about race horses...its hard enough trying to make a masculine card...never mind with subjects that im not used to...but it seems to have worked "OK".......

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Well, i know i promised to post every day....but
(I know excuses!!!)....its been a bit of a mad week, meetings, appointments havent had time to blog....but i have had time to

here are some mothers day cards iv made this weekend...thought i'd share them with you!!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

This is a valentines day card i made, using the X-cut round shape cutters.....think this is quite cute and i'm sure you could change the lovebirds for something else, for a different occasion!

love Yeeting xxx

For a friends brother

Well, since iv got the blogging buzz.....thought i'd post this... its a card i made yesterday....for my friend to give to her brother...
Thanks for looking
Yeeting xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mothers Day

Well, i can't believe the weekend is over already....back to humdrum tomorrow...didn't manage to get that much crafting today....only managed the one card (too busy watching dancing on ice!!!)

hoping to get more crafting done tomorrow....and a few more mothers day cards made!!!

love Yeeting xxx

Mini Scrapbook...

Well, this is the last post for tonight (or is it morning?...hmmm)....well i think ive got my head round this.....and have posted several pics of a project i have just finished the other day...

This is a 6x6 mini scrapbook for a friend at work to give to he husband for their wedding anniversary..... As im sure you know, when youve been with your O/H for seem to have "everything" you want and she asked me if i could of think of something sentimental i could make for her to give to her husband.....something that money cant buy.....and so after trawling through many photo albums.....she gave me these piccys.....and i set off to work.....this is what i came up with....

thanx for looking

Yeeting xxx

Valentine's slider card

Well, now without the added pressure of feeling like i have to upload all my piccys....theres no stopping me now......and uh, uh.....iv just discovered the add another image feature (the other post i uploaded with 2 pics i did seperately)....and now iv seen this "bright blue" command.....i got clever and added all these in 1 go.....Yay!!!
This card i made the other week for my O/H for valentines day...i just love this cuttlebug folder.....on core'dinations card and filed over....
Yeeting xxx

friend card

Well, what better way after all that "spiel" iv just given on an earlier post, than to start my promise with this...
this is a card i made for my other half to give to his friend as a leaving card , with todays economic climate my other halfs friend has just been made redundant! The "boys" were like brothers, ....its awful news!!!
Yeeting xxx