Sunday, 19 April 2009

Well....can you believe this no "blogging" for ages and then 2 in one night.....typical...

I had to post these pics though....the first guessed it.....NO...i've not turned my hand to being a chocolatier....and i know i'm almost a week behind....but this is the lovely easter egg/present i got from my other half....was a bit shocked to be honest....he managed to sneak out of work and get this, and knocked on the front door (when i wasn't expecting anyone round) and when i opened the door i was presented with this....its almost 1/2 a metre in height and my partner was hiding his face behind it....i didnt know what to say.......but how sweet hey?
These next pics are of a gift/favour/goodies bag....I went to a local craft store that had non other than Clare Curd from the Do Crafts team doing a Demo of Papermania products....Such an easy and quick, yet effective bit of crafting......had to have a go myself ...just to make sure i remembered how to do it.....i used nik-naks of crafting materials i've got lying around to do this for my first go...just incase i got it wrong!!!

Thanks for checking my blog out today
Happy Crafting
Yeeting xxx


  1. Love the bag Yeeting. Have you got some instructions you might share please? Love the egg too! What a lucky girl you are? He's definitely a keeper! Hugs Zoë x

  2. What a wonderful bag - I love the flower. Thanks for stopping by my place.

    See you soon.